Project Overview:
The Image above represents our Capstone Project, which is the Programable Logic Controller (PLC) Based traffic light system. the plc traffic light system is to show a representation of a real time system that we see everyday when traveling through various of intersections. the entire traffic intersection is powered and simulated by an allen bradley Micro 850 programmable logic controller which comes with various of inputs and outputs. the plc is the main processor which send out high (1) signals to the traffic light poles and the led strips which allows the led’s to illuminate. for this projects the cars will be represented by led strips and When the system is powered on, you will see the system automatically begin to work with two opposing traffic lights allowing cars to either go straight or make a left turn at the intersection. the way the intersection functions is based on the north/south directions and the east/weast directions.
In Order for the Traffic Light System to properly function with the Allen Bradley PLC, a program will need to be created for the Traffic Lights to reflect a real intersection as well with the LED Strips. The allen Bradley micro 850 PLC is programmed using a software called connected components workbench (CCw). This software is where the source code is scripted and the main format is in Ladder logic as show from the above image. the image shown above is the full complete ladder logic code for our traffic light system and every line shown in there is what is called a rung. rung provides power from the plc to the actual components that we integrated into our traffic light system such as led’s. within the code we have inputs and outputs which tend to come from the led’s and the led strips, time blocks where we allow the rung to perform an action for a certain amount of time, we have outputs which provide the high signal to our led’s and led strips, and we also have out outputs which communicate to a p1am-100 industrial arduino controller. The p1am-100 controller is compatible with the Plc and its where the code is stored for our led strips. we are able to make connections between the arduino and the plc which allows the led strips to work perfectly.

by clicking on the video link within our webpage you will see a video which goes in depth behind the overall system describing every component that is used and how it is communicating to the plc.

Thank you very much, we hope you enjoy our capstone project. please feel free to leave any comments/feedback within the team INVOLVEMENT tab.